We're the agency down the block that does things a little different. We don't have fancy offices, company parking spaces, or espresso machines. We drive fast, work long hours, and tip our favorite baristas handsomely. We're practically allergic to bureaucracy, overhead, committees, and a hundred other things that make traditional agencies so expensive. Our ads are just as brilliant, shot just as well, and sell just as much product - only for fraction of the cost. Don't believe us? Scroll down and see for yourself.





Let yourself loose

Client: Hugo Boss

Product: Urban Journey Fragrance for Men

Campaign: Your time is Now / Let yourself loose

Role: Creative/Production/Post Production

Deliverables: 60s, 30s


Client: Boosted Board

Campaign: Drop and Go 2018

Role: Creative, Production, Post-production


Client: Skip Scooters

Campaign: The best way to get there

Role: Creative, Production, Post-production


Client: Tended Protect

Campaign: Product Launch

Role: Creative, Production, Post-production


Set in the heart of the Eastern Sierra, this fast-paced film tells the story of two young explores using Patagonia Provisions to make the most of all that California has to offer. As the duo travels between hot springs, bouldering spots, and bonfires, a variety of gimbal stabilized and wide landscape shots show Patagonia Provisions being enjoyed in its natural, rugged environment. From shots of steaming hot pancakes on a chilly morning to wild sockeye salmon tacos, the pair embodies Patagonia Provisions’ mission of delivering healthy, sustainable, and delicious meals to those in the wild outdoors. By combining thoughtful cinematography and compelling use cases, we capture an ethos of excitement and youthfulness that comes when you have the fuel to go far.


Shot in collaboration with New Jersey - based Artist Shantell Martin, this video combines spoken word poetry and documentary-style footage to capture the creative process behind her new mural in the Airbnb headquarters in San Francisco.

Welcome Off Campus

Client: Boosted Boards

Campaign: Back-to-School

Deliverables: 30s, 15s, 6s

Reasons to Ride

Client: BoostedBoard

Campaign: Find your reason to ride.

Huger Brand Launch 2017

BOOSTED BOARD 2017 - 30s Spots


Looking to make a splash this back-to-school season, Boosted Board trusted CalotypeFilm to produce a series of four 30s spots demonstrating key features of the new 2nd generation Boosted Board. Among them were: acceleration, hill climb, portability, and range. In May 2017, the campaign launched across Boosted Board social channels and as part of a paid advertising campaign on Facebook and Youtube. 


Feature Video 1/4: Chasing Green Lights

Powerful Regenerative Braking Brake with confidence using Boosted's powerful regenerative braking system. With the Dual Drive models, both driven wheels help slow you down so you can stop confidently even while turning or going down a hill. Highly efficient regeneration is active whenever you pull the brakes, helping you recoup energy riding down hills or coming to a stop.

Feature Video 2/4: No Bus No Problem

Never walk up hills or break a sweat again. Both Dual and Dual+ will carry you up steep hills with speed.

Feature Video 3/4: Date prep

The board is designed with ultimate portability in mind. Easily carry it up stairs, throw it in your trunk, bring it onto a train or into a restaurant or any workplace.

Feature Video 4/4: Sunset Rider

An extended range battery means you never worry about running out of power. 14 miles on a single charge. Lose track of time.

 2016 REEL

Hole in one


Client: BoostedBoards

Director - Andrew Fuchs + Sam Toland

Cinematography - Andrew Fuchs + Sam Toland

Edit - Andrew Fuchs


Client: BoostedBoards

Campaign: Free Your Commute

Director - Andrew Fuchs + Sam Toland

Cinematography - Andrew Fuchs + Sam Toland + Elisabeth Rowedder 

Edit - Andrew Fuchs

We created this short film to show how a Boosted Board brings joy to your morning commute. 

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